The grand, marvelous landscape (especially those set in the vast and mountainous areas) is the most attractive part of Sun Wei’s books. As a female writer, she rarely whines. Instead, she shines with her words coming boldly out of a passion and the strength of her character. Her writing is like a ray of sunshine flooding the room and radiating warmth and positive energy into the usual soft tints of the sky in South China. And that makes her stand out among many writers from Shanghai.

Sun Wei’s writings are truly inspirational as they give people courage and hope in the face of difficulty. She makes people see that love exists even if they are plunged into the depth of despair. 

                     ——Wang Hongtu, Fudan University literary professor


    Flexible and creative, Sun Wei is a talented and diligent writer who has gone beyond the stereotypes. Different from most writers of the 70s generation, Sun writes with crystal clear logic and a prudent voice that rarely involves erotic or seductive scenes. Her approach to literary composition where the writer observes the characters from a distance can be regarded as a classical style of writing. It may seem less appealing to modern readers who read for feverish productions. However, the tension, loneliness and horror of contemporary life transmitted from her writing has had a much stronger sensation in recent years.

                                    ——Liang Jie, literary critic