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Sun Wei

One of China’s Most Original and Leading Voices


A former journalist, documentary filmmaker, and corporate general manager, Sun Wei is a novelist who tells stories of the most authentic contemporary Shanghai.


The 22 books she has published include the novels “The Map of Time" "Person in a Bottle" “To Where the Flowers Blossom” “The Confession of a Bear” “The Good Old Days with Democracy, Science and Law” and the short story series Sun on Riches: “The Rich in China” “In the Name of Love” “The Adventures of Mary Qian” “Showcase of the Wealth” “Love and Desire”, the short story collection "How to Forget You in the Rest of My Life", among others. 


Her novels have won dozens of awards, including the Excellence Award of Chinese Writers’ Erdos National Literature Award. Her novel “The Map of Time” is a best-seller in China 2017. "Person in a Bottle" is in the process of being adapted into a TV series and a movie by the director Zhang Yibai, who is a representative of sixth generation directors in China.


The English version of “The Confession of a Bear” was published in the US. Her novella "Farewell" "Ignition" "Second Son" was translated into English, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, and published in the local literature journals. 


As one of the Shanghai middle class, Sun Wei is acutely tuned to the many psychological issues of Chinese urban dwellers, and her works vividly reflect their loneliness, pride and sense of alienation. The tension and horror of contemporary life that Sun Wei’s fiction reveals has caused a sensation in recent years.


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