"Sun on Riches: A Comedy Series" consists of five short story collections.

 This series is a sketch of the contemporary social realities in China -- the widening disparity between the rich and the poor, the bubbling prosperity without a foundation of dependable products, over-consumption, lack of emotion, as well as the confusion that invariably puzzles both the poor and the rich. The Sun on Riches series portray the absurdity of this materialistic world through black humor and comic style. Although this writing approach makes the world appear absurd, it better represents the reality in China. The unique characters, witty themes and humorous narration are well-loved by many Chinese readers.


"孙未金钱系列小说" 之《豪门季》《爱欲季》《钱美丽》《富人秀》《奢华秀》




"The Adventures of Mary Qian"

The 5th Short Story Collection from "Sun on Riches: A Comedy Series"


The Adventures of Mary Qian tells a story of the rise and fall of Mary Qian, who joined the fashion magazine Perfect Life right after graduation. Like the majority of the fresh graduates in China, she has been going through a number of challenges, with her attitude towards money changed from doubt, then detestation, to desire. Mixing a sharp sense of humor with everyday life observations, the author tries to dissect an era of China when “money itches”.

Mary Qian had recently graduated from the university after she studied in the Department of Economics and Management for six years. She didn’t want to go to some boring business firms. Instead, she hoped to join a fashion magazine called Perfect Life. Though the job she applied for was irrelevant to what she had learned at school, the magazine recruited her without breathing a word against it.

Gradually, Mary got to know her boss who insisted on using only 20 percent of the staff intellectual capabilities; the editor-in-chief who tried to deal with everything with "grace and dignity"; the HR manager who would reveal to her the crafts of Machiavellism from time to time, and the colleagues whose pockets were deluged with hundreds of name cards illustrating the different titles ...

Qian took photographs and interviewed celebrities. Being a green hand at the job, she was standing in the forefront of this gorgeous world and living a life of extravagance that her income could barely afford. During the three years she worked there, she witnessed the Perfect Life being a joint venture, having its capital increased, purchased and reconstructed. She also fought for her pay raise, was given important positions, moonlighted, loved and was loved, made a fortune, resigned, came back and resigned again. Finally, she realized what money she learned from her college major was supposed to mean in China and what on earth it meant in her own life.








"In the Name of Love"

The 2nd Short Story Collection from "Sun on Riches: A Comedy Series"

What’s the side effect of shopaholism? When a shopaholic falls in love with a man at first sight, she can’t help but judge him by the same criteria as she chooses a handbag. When Shanghai’s commercial economy and fashion industry have spiraled downward to become such a spiritual pollution, all the women here seem to be suffering from a chronic cold of Love.

The book In the Name of Love tells of a story of three single women who experienced repeated failures in love.

Garbo hoped to become a famous film star but hadn’t yet been very well known. One day she received an Invitation from Blade Li, a super-rich single man, to a party on his private island where there were 13 guesthouses, 4 swimming pools, a private cinema, a golf course, and a yacht at the dock. According to the invitation, it meant to be a party for friendship and fun. To her surprise, Garbo found that despite Li’s lewd womanizing behavior, the so-called Diamond Bachelor was actually living a life like that of a caged gorilla who was maliciously used by his butler to make more money.

Tellin was an editor of a fashion magazine. Somehow she fell in love with a curly pet dog Charlie and hoped one day she could get a certification to show that they were married. As many of her friends disapproved of such a foolish idea, she decided to send Charlie away and return to the mainstream society. She then lived with a man named Liechar, but eventually got love-sick from missing the dog too much and had to go to see a psychiatrist.

Cindy was a model. Ever since she married into a wealthy family and became Mrs George, she had retired from modeling at Mr George’s request. With a hot figure in vain, she could find no one there to keep her company but a credit card affiliated to that of George’s.

During the outbreak period of bird flu, she got to sit for dinner with her husband for some days. When she watched him swallow the chicken, she was suddenly overwhelmed by an excitement of killing. She imagined her husband falling to the ground and dying from eating the sick bird. What if she became a rich widow? What if she should have the freedom to choose men again?

And the story thus began.









"Love and Desire"

The 4th Short Story Collection from "Sun on Riches: A Comedy Series"

Love and Desire is a sequel to In the Name of Love. In this book, the three Shanghai women have summarized enough principles of Love through their repeatedly failed affairs. Theoretically, they have no problem giving a series of lectures on the Law of Love and Economics. But in practice, they get more and more confused .

Garbo believed that Love also fell in line with the Matthew effect that "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer". She herself was a case in point. Despite the fact that she was an obscure little star who didn’t have to worry about being recognized even if she took the Metro, Garbo perhaps got more love letters in her dressing room than many of the international superstars of the day. However, she fell in love with Guo, a nimble and versatile wit whose stalkers far surpassed that of hers.

In comparison, Tellin, the magazine editor, was a destitute of love. One evening, as if the Matthew effect suddenly was no longer valid, she met Liu Yue at the street corner, who was the then captain of the school basketball team when they were both in high schools. The two made love on the first night they met. However, their relationship was thus branded as the “one-night-stand”. The words knotted in Tellin's stomach again on the night before her wedding day and eventually soured her Big Day.

Cindy had always been the Ninja Wife, who was aware of her husband infidelity but found it easier to turn a blind eye to the numerous mistresses around him. One day, a handsome private detective came to visit her…

After a series of events, the ladies finally came to realize what the desire of their heart was for life.








"Showcase of the Wealth"

The 3rd Short Story Collection from "Sun on Riches: A Comedy Series"

The Showcase of the Wealth is a sequel to The Rich in China. It continues to tell the stories of Mr and Mrs Mike. Since China marched into the 21st century, the widening of the gap between the country’s rich and poor has accelerated with the privileged leading the wealth reshuffle as China’s market economy develops further.

A large part of the middle class and the newly rich without solid background can’t afford to have a moment of relax for fear that they should lose all their money and fall to the bottom of the social class hierarchy. They are willing to sacrifice almost anything in the pursuit of fame and fortune. And they are not ashamed to flaunt their wealth in ways that could allow, just to make themselves look rich!

In this book, the Mikes keep quarreling as they struggle in the fashionable circles of the upper class in China, trying to move up from the moderately rich to the ultra wealthy. They represent the lives of most rich people in China who aren’t sure for how long they will be able to hang on to their positions, as Marx once remarked they are always in the form of “a breathtaking leap” from one status to another.

Business in Mike’s law firm was booming by the day. With large amounts of cash flowing into the company each day, it soon expanded to become a great empire in the blink of an eye. No one had anticipated an insignificant flush toilet would be the downfall of Mike’s empire. On the other hand, Mrs Mike’s books didn’t sell well. Seeing her purse going empty, she decided to try all out to work on a great story, so that she would be at least remembered and honored after her death. To her great surprise, she was given a high-pay job by an investment bank, who told her that a novelist’s talent was exactly an unparalleled gift they’d been looking for in the industry of capital operation.

The book shows life of the rich in China, like a pathetic peacock whose glamorous feathers have somehow been plucked off. When the master is having dinner, the servants stand at the back and watch him eat, a scene resembles the moment when breeders feed their pets. In the luxurious residential neighborhood, those who stroll after the kids can only be the nannies. Decent people only walk their dogs. And of all the dogs, the most worthy of praise must be the one that looks least like a dog. Billion is the counting unit of money found on the lips of the rich when they are talking, yet it is quite possible that the cash flow in their account is zero or even negative from time to time. The rich don’t have to go out for work, yet they often spend the day at home sitting around and waiting for the sunset. The distance between the rich and the poor seems as long as the circumference of the Earth. Actually after one circle around the Earth, the rich find themselves under the same awkward circumstance as the poor.

Like what Mrs Mike once quoted in her book, “Can the soul fall asleep so long as it remains with the body?”






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