"Love and Desire"

The 4th Short Story Collection from "Sun on Riches: A Comedy Series"

Love and Desire is a sequel to In the Name of Love. In this book, the three Shanghai women have summarized enough principles of Love through their repeatedly failed affairs. Theoretically, they have no problem giving a series of lectures on the Law of Love and Economics. But in practice, they get more and more confused .

Garbo believed that Love also fell in line with the Matthew effect that "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer". She herself was a case in point. Despite the fact that she was an obscure little star who didn’t have to worry about being recognized even if she took the Metro, Garbo perhaps got more love letters in her dressing room than many of the international superstars of the day. However, she fell in love with Guo, a nimble and versatile wit whose stalkers far surpassed that of hers.

In comparison, Tellin, the magazine editor, was a destitute of love. One evening, as if the Matthew effect suddenly was no longer valid, she met Liu Yue at the street corner, who was the then captain of the school basketball team when they were both in high schools. The two made love on the first night they met. However, their relationship was thus branded as the “one-night-stand”. The words knotted in Tellin's stomach again on the night before her wedding day and eventually soured her Big Day.

Cindy had always been the Ninja Wife, who was aware of her husband infidelity but found it easier to turn a blind eye to the numerous mistresses around him. One day, a handsome private detective came to visit her…

After a series of events, the ladies finally came to realize what the desire of their heart was for life.