"In the Name of Love"

The 2nd Short Story Collection from "Sun on Riches: A Comedy Series"

What’s the side effect of shopaholism? When a shopaholic falls in love with a man at first sight, she can’t help but judge him by the same criteria as she chooses a handbag. When Shanghai’s commercial economy and fashion industry have spiraled downward to become such a spiritual pollution, all the women here seem to be suffering from a chronic cold of Love.

The book In the Name of Love tells of a story of three single women who experienced repeated failures in love.

Garbo hoped to become a famous film star but hadn’t yet been very well known. One day she received an Invitation from Blade Li, a super-rich single man, to a party on his private island where there were 13 guesthouses, 4 swimming pools, a private cinema, a golf course, and a yacht at the dock. According to the invitation, it meant to be a party for friendship and fun. To her surprise, Garbo found that despite Li’s lewd womanizing behavior, the so-called Diamond Bachelor was actually living a life like that of a caged gorilla who was maliciously used by his butler to make more money.

Tellin was an editor of a fashion magazine. Somehow she fell in love with a curly pet dog Charlie and hoped one day she could get a certification to show that they were married. As many of her friends disapproved of such a foolish idea, she decided to send Charlie away and return to the mainstream society. She then lived with a man named Liechar, but eventually got love-sick from missing the dog too much and had to go to see a psychiatrist.

Cindy was a model. Ever since she married into a wealthy family and became Mrs George, she had retired from modeling at Mr George’s request. With a hot figure in vain, she could find no one there to keep her company but a credit card affiliated to that of George’s.

During the outbreak period of bird flu, she got to sit for dinner with her husband for some days. When she watched him swallow the chicken, she was suddenly overwhelmed by an excitement of killing. She imagined her husband falling to the ground and dying from eating the sick bird. What if she became a rich widow? What if she should have the freedom to choose men again?

And the story thus began.