“The Confession of a Bear”

A Novel by Sun Wei

A Bear’s Confession tells of a story that happens in two counter-pole spaces of the same era. On one end, there is Shanghai – an international metropolis in theeast of China swarmed with all the hustle and bustle of modern-day life, while on the other end, there is Shucun – a primitive village on the outskirts of Yunnan Province in the southwest of China where villagers live mainly on farming and hunting.

China’s rapid economic growth during the past three decades has created great disparity between the costal metropolises and the inland rural areas, which has been a downside of China’s economic development nowadays.

The hero of the novel was Liu Kai, a white-collar working in one of the Fortune 500 global companies in Shanghai. As an ordinary office clerk who wore a pair of glasses and spent most of his time like a bonsai tree in the office booth, Liu was a shy timid man. He wanted to control his weight but failed in every attempt. He strictly submitted to the orders though his heart was unwilling to. Ever since he stumbled into a war of office politics, he had suffered repeated defeats, yet never learned to get the hand of it.

Liu Kai managed to find a new job after length unemployment due to the economic crisis. To protect the one he loved, he bore the insult and got involved in a PR event, which, he didn’t know, would eventually determine the fate of every employee of the company. He was tasked to deliver donated satellite phone equipment to a village where people led a peaceful life and worshiped the local wild bears. The day he got there, his car rammed a Cow Bear, esteemed by the locals as the God of all Bears. He was thus detained by the villagers and imprisoned. The villagers almost killed him in sacrifices to their Bear. In a kingdo m where the Bear was worshiped, people lived in peace and content. They lived harmoniously with their bear friends and treated each other with honest and sincerity. Gradually, Liu Kai was accepted by the kind-hearted villagers. At the same time, the conflicts in the Shanghai office escalated into a major war. Participants who could not outperform their opponents would be brutally trampled and kicked to the side.

When Liu Kai returned to Shanghai, he didn’t know that his sudden disappearance had changed the balance of two forces in the office fight. With the support from the villagers of Shucun, Liu defeated his opponents and surprised them all. He also got to play a heroic role in pursuit of his love. However, he began to doubt himself whether he was just a village bear fighting in a world of humans. On the other hand, what he did accidentally changed the fortune of Shucun and eventually led to a horrible tragedy in progress.

The Confession of a Bear