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Sun Wei

A novelist, short story writer, essayist based in Shanghai, China.

The theme of her examination is the ‘malaise’ in contemporary China. She has published 15 books and over 30 novels and novellas up until now.

Her novels have won dozens of awards, including the Excellence Award of Chinese Writers’ Erdos National Literature Award and etc.

Her “Find a Husband before the Killer Finds you” is going to be made into a movie by the famous director Zhang Yibai who is the representative of sixth generation directors of China.

As one of the Shanghai middle class, Sun Wei is acutely tuned to the many psychological issues of Chinese urban dwellers, and her works vividly reflect their loneliness, pride and sense of alienation.

The tension and horror of a contemporary life in her writing has caused a sensation in recent years.







Sun Wei’s writing describes in detail the life of Shanghai today, a well-developed metropolis of China. Topics of her novel mainly focus on the strife, bullying and stress in workplace, with characters running the gamut of different social classes, including the bureaucrats, the billionaires, the celebrities as well as the ordinary little people.

Her stories concentrate on her investigation of the ‘malaise’ in contemporary China. In the last three decades, the economy has been developing in an incredible speed which brings both miracle and disaster to people’s life. She is interested in the awkward living condition and mental status people are going through on this high speed train as they are too busy to know who they are.


Shanghai bred and born, Sun Wei is adept at peeling off the glazes from the surface of life and exposes to the readers the seamy side of a metropolis, which is appalling but close to the bone nonetheless. All her characters suffer from a split personality disorder so that they are incapable of coping with the relationships between each other and even doubtful about their own existence.


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